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Ground Source Heat Pumps



Extract ‘free’ Energy from the ground to keep your home warm. A ground source heat pump can provide all your hot water needs, as well as providing all the heat required for your home. It also works with underfloor and radiator systems.


Correctly installed, this renewable energy heating system could give you:


Ground source heat pumps deliver heat at lower temperatures, which makes them particularly suitable for underfloor heating systems and, or radiator systems, although the size of some radiators may require increasing. The most effiecient way to run any heat pump is to leave it running continuously, and allow the weather compensated control system to ensure a constant comfort level, whatever the outdoor temperature may be.

Not all homes are suitable. You need a home that’s well-insulated plus a well-ventilated outdoor place to position your pump. Air source heating is more cost-effective when you’re replacing fossil fuels, such as Oil, Propane and solid fuel.

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