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Solar Power to create Energy & Hot Water



With the right solar system, you can power your home and create hot water in one of the most efficient, cost-effective and environment-friendly ways possible.


Photo Voltaic Panels

Photo voltaic (PV) cells capture the sun's energy and convert it into electricity to power your home and run household appliances. The cells are usually fixed to your roof in the form of panels, although it’s also possible to get PV roof tiles. Neither require direct sunlight to work and both are capable of generating electricity on a cloudy day.

Solar panels generate electricity. They are usually fixed to your roof. Once you’ve paid for the initial installation, you can:


Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal systems heat the water in your hot water cylinder. They usually involve collector panels fixed to your roof. You’ll need a conventional boiler or immersion heater as a back-up in winter. Once you’ve paid for the initial installation, you can:

Not all homes are suitable for a solar thermal system. You need a sunny 5m2 roof space or an area on the ground to install a frame, that faces east / south / west and gets direct sunlight for most of the day. You’ll also need space for a larger, or second, hot water cylinder and an existing boiler that’s compatible with your new system.

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