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How to keep your home at its warmest through winter


Winter is well on its way, and with that comes pricey heating...

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Eco-friendly ideas for your home


More and more homes are adopting eco-friendly materials in a bid to...

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Child-Proofing Electrical Outlets Whilst Abroad


All parents are conscious of the risks of power outlets around the...

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The safe way to light up your pumpkin tonight!


Happy Halloween! It’s that time of year again, and many of us...

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The pros and cons of Solar Energy


Solar energy is a growing trend in the UK, with more people...

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Hard vs Soft Water


You’ve probably heard of the terms ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ water, but many...

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Avoid common winter plumbing problems with these tips!


Winter is just around the corner, and with the cold weather comes...

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The devices running up your energy bills


Do you know where your electricity is going? Most of us know...

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These are the DIY jobs you should leave to the experts


DIY work can seem like an efficient and cost-effective way to get...

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of an Air Source Heat Pump


Air source heat pumps (ASHP) work by absorbing the heat from outside,...

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Common household debates, finally answered


Dishwasher vs Washing Up A commonly held belief is that dishwashers use more...

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When do I need an emergency plumber?


It can sometimes seem wise to minimise any callouts and try and...

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Maximise the value of your home with these tips


Adding value to your home isn’t just about the cosmetics, there are...

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What are your responsibilities as a Landlord?


As a landlord, there are some responsibilities that come with your property....

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Is a combi-boiler right for me?


Combi-Boilers (combination boilers) are a popular choice amongst our customers and can...

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How to Bleed Your Radiator and Increase Efficiency


Air can often become trapped in radiators causing cold spots in them,...

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Five million households are at risk from illegal gas engineers, don't be one of them!


New research by the Gas Safe Register revealed that almost five million...

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How to prevent your drains from getting blocked


There is a pretty obvious answer when it comes to blocked drains;...

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Emergency Cover When You Need It!


Imagine being presented with a bill you can’t afford, or faced with...

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10 Sneaky Energy Saving Tips


The average cost of heating your home in UK is on the...

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Why do I need to service my boiler?


We’re commonly asked why people need to service their boilers and how...

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Learning on the job… our Apprenticeship programme


If you caught our blog in December, you may have noticed we...

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Everything you need to know about Underfloor Heating.


Looking for a more modern and efficient way to heat your home?...

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What are Smart Thermostats?


Did you know that heating and air conditioning make up almost half...

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Ground Source Heat Pumps – The Future of Heating? We Think So…


A Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP’s) is a modern heating system that...

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Warmaway, the one-stop-shop.


As a company, we have 45 years experience in the plumbing and...

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