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Warmaway has a team of expert heating engineers with extensive expertise who can make luxury underfloor heating a reality in your home. You can free space up in your home with our innovative underfloor heating and remove the need for radiators and visible pipework. We can install underfloor heating in both solid and suspended floors and beneath almost any covering. You can connect it to your existing central heating system or opt for a stand-alone electric underfloor heating system.

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Wet underfloor heating is usually installed at the time of construction, so it’s popular with new-builds, extensions and conversions. It can be part of a gas, solid fuel, oil or renewable energy system. It’s particularly useful and energy-efficient as part of a renewable energy system. Dry, electric heating is most prevalent when you need a stand-alone system in one area, such as your conservatory, kitchen or bathroom. Warmaway provides full controls with a digital clock, room thermostat and floor sensor.

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Warmaway are your go-to company when you are looking for a professional and experienced underfloor system installer. We offer competitive prices throughout the Dewsbury and Yorkshire area. Our fully trained team of engineers work closely with you to design and install a range of heating options, guaranteeing to meet your individual needs. You can contact our team of specialist engineers and find out how we can help you as well as receive a free quote.



Can I have underfloor heating fitted in an existing property?

Yes you can! However, this is sometimes more work than it might initially appear. In an existing building, some upheaval is sometimes needed to create the correct conditions under your flooring to allow heating.

Even if you’re only laying underfloor heating in one room of the house, this can still cause disruption to parts of the property as we lay the required piping. A small room ≠ a small disruption. Where possible, it’s ideal to lay the underfloor heating when the property is being built as this minimises disturbance.

Does underfloor heating raise the floor level?

This installation is unlikely to cause a significant change to your floor level, if we recognise that the installation is likely to cause this – we’ll be sure to inform you when we’re giving you a quote.

Is underfloor heating cheaper to run than radiators?

Underfloor heating can produce the same heat output as radiators despite the water temperature being much higher in the latter. Because of this, it means that your underfloor heating will usually operate at a much cheaper cost whilst simultaneously succeeding in heating the whole room more equally.

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