Terms & Conditions

Bronze - System Cover Only

  1. Parts and labour from the date of installation
  2. Unlimited call outs
  3. Annual service and safety check
  4. Existing controls
  5. Pipework and radiators including thermostatic valves
  6. 364 Days per year helpline

Silver - Boiler and Controls Cover

  1. Boiler Parts
  2. Controls
  3. Unlimited call outs
  4. Annual service and service check
  5. 364 Days per year helpline

Gold - Full System Cover

  1. Boiler Parts
  2. Controls
  3. Replacement of faulty radiators, including thermostatic valves and lock shield valves
  4. Accessible pipe work and cables
  5. Hot water cylinder
  6. Header tank
  7. Annual Service and safety check
  8. Unlimited call out
  9. 364 Days per year helpline

Not Covered in Maintenance Plan

  1. Any costs protected by manufacturer's warranty
  2. Accidental Damage, theft, and attempted theft
  3. Damage arising from floods, lightening, storms, frost, or extreme weather conditions – i.e. Defrosting condensates
  4. Any costs if no fault is found
  5. Costs arising from not following manufacturer's instructions
  6. Setting of time clocks, venting radiators, in the case of sealed systems, topping up of pressure, changing batteries.
  7. Third party damage, i.e., costs incurred because of damage caused by you or someone else
  8. Boiler / System noise
  9. Wasted journeys, missed appointments
  10. Faults occurring due to problems with gas, electricity, or water mains – power surge
  11. Cosmetic damage i.e., scratches, dents etc
  12. Costs incurred by lack of access to equipment; boilers, pipe work etc. which are boxed in
  13. Inaccessible pipe work/wiring buried within the fabric of the building
  14. Labour for parts under manufacturers guarantee, i.e., replacement radiators
  15. Damage to external flue components and terminal guards
  16. Under floor heating or solar panels or equipment relating to
  17. Loss or damage caused by your equipment not working
  18. Removal of sludge, power flushing
  19. Supply and adding of inhibitors

Summary Of Conditions

  1. Should the cost to repairing your boiler be beyond economical repair i.e., the repair costs exceed the boilers value based on the scale of valuations according to age and boiler type. A 10% contribution will be made towards the cost of a replacement boiler if installed by Warmaway.
  2. Your agreement runs until you inform us in writing, with 30 days' notice, that you wish to cancel, you may cancel your agreement at any time, you will be notified in writing should there be any changes to terms and conditions or prices.
  3. All new customers (excluding Warmaway own installations with system cover only) before being taken on cover will require a pre-agreement inspection at the cost of £90.00 inc vat, If this inspection reveals a problem we will notify you what the problem is and provide you with an estimate for the works to be carried out before we offer cover. Should you decide not to carry out the rectification work, therefore not take the cover, the cost of the pre-agreement inspection will be £90.00 inc vat

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