Five Signs You Need a New Heating System 

Peter Elliston
Peter Elliston
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Five Signs You Need a New Heating System 

It can be hard to know when the right time is to make the final decision to upgrade your central heating system. The change is costly and can cause a bit of upheaval in the home depending on the type of upgrade you make.

Nonetheless, there are signs that will show you your heating system is on the way out and in need of an upgrade. When your current heating system starts to demonstrate most of the following it is probably time to weigh up your options and get in touch with Warmaway. 

1. Rising energy bills

‘Cost of living’ remains a frequent topic of conversation and concern, with families around the UK watching the pennies. In the winter months, in particular, heating the house quickly soaks up money with energy bills now being one of the biggest outgoing monthly bills for many households.

While part of this high cost is often outside of our control, you might find that an outdated heating system is not helping. Dated systems can be significantly more inefficient than newer and more sustainable alternatives, meaning they use more energy than necessary to warm up. 

If you think your energy bills are too high, even with the current cost of energy here in the UK, it might be time to make an upgrade. 

2. Frequent repairs

Calling out for a engineer to deal with heating system malfunctions and faults can be costly, especially if you have to do it increasingly frequently. Not only are call-outs expensive, but they also can leave you unable to leave the house and get on with your day – which is okay once in a blue moon, but not every week. 

If your heating system is causing you an increasing amount of trouble, with repair bills starting to  stack up, there are alternative options. Repairing a heating system with a new model or a new type of system might seem like a big investment, but the investment can save you a significant amount of money on repairs moving forward.

3. Uneven heating 

The one thing your heating system should be doing effectively is heating your home. So, when you find that certain rooms are perpetually chilly even when the heating has been on, there could be cause for concern. 

With any heating system issues, it’s always worth calling out an expert to help identify the problem. The team at Warmaway can come and take a look at your heating system, identifying possible problems and recommending a suitable course of action – whether that is a repair or a replacement. 

In some cases, there might be an easy fix that will keep your current heating system in good nick, however, inefficient heating might be a sign that it’s time for an upgrade.

4. Strange smells and noises 

Strange smells and weird noises are the last thing you want your heating system to emit. A healthy system should run smoothly and quietly, so when it begins to emit odd or unpleasant smells and noises it could indicate failing components or overheating. 

Once again, it’s wise to have an engineer take a look at your heating system when these issues present themselves so you can be sure of the cause of the issue. This will help guide your decision-making process. 

5. System age

Old systems can develop a host of issues. The life expectancy of your current system will depend largely on the type of system you have, but it typically ranges from 10 to 15 years. Most traditional boilers will need replacing after 15 years, while heat pumps can last for an additional ten years with proper maintenance. 

If your system is reaching the end of its life span, it might be time to make the switch – and why not look at alternative systems too? 

Heating systems from Warmaway

We’re big advocates for sustainability here at Warmaway and we stock a great range of boiler system alternatives that can get your house warmed up at a higher efficiency and a lower cost. Heat pump systems are gaining traction here in the UK and for good reason. These systems are energy efficient, low carbon, and suitable for most house types. 

If you think your system needs an upgrade, then a ground-source heat pump or air-source heat pump could be a great solution. Get in touch with our team at Warmaway today and we can give you all the information you need and get you set up with your new heating system, efficiently and cost-effectively. 

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