Advantages of a Solar Battery

Peter Elliston
Peter Elliston
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Advantages of a Solar Battery

Solar batteries allow for the storage of excess energy generated by solar panels, which can then be used for night time use or when there is less sunlight for further solar energy generation.

Solar energy systems and solar batteries are becoming increasingly popular for households looking to reduce their carbon footprint and their energy bills. If you are considering investing in a solar power system with a solar battery or are looking to add a solar battery to your existing system, there are some key advantages that can support you with your decision. 

Financial benefits of solar batteries 

The financial benefits of adding a solar battery to your solar energy system can be significant, and with the cost of living still having such a significant impact on many in the UK, these benefits cannot be undersold. 

Reduced energy bills 

The most impactful benefit is arguably the ways a solar battery can reduce your energy bills. By storing any excess energy produced, this energy can then be used at times when there is less sunlight such as at night or can be used to offset the cost of using the grid at peak hours. 

Increased self sufficiency 

Following on from this, using solar batteries can help you become less reliant on the grid for your energy, putting you in a better position when power outages occur as well as helping you to reduce your outgoings to energy providers.

Government incentives

If financing solar batteries is a concern, there are options. The UK government has a range of incentives encouraging the uptake of sustainable solutions including solar energy systems. The Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) has been put in place to support qualifying households to cover the cost of purchasing and installing solar energy systems, which could include solar batteries. Find out if you are eligible for the ECO4 grant.

Those who aren’t eligible for government grants might find the initial cost of implementing solar power and solar batteries in their home intimidating, but the return on investment can be significant. 

Environmental benefits of solar batteries

Concerns for climate change and the impacts it will have looking into the future remain widespread. However, sustainable solutions to problems such as energy usage are one of the best ways that the public can do our part to reduce our collective impact on the planet. Solar batteries offer a great way to further expand an already hugely beneficial sustainable energy system to reap further environmental benefits. 

Clean energy source 

One of the best and most obvious environmental benefits of adding a solar battery to your solar power system is that it allows you to utilise this clean energy source for longer. By storing excess energy not only are you not wasting valuable energy that has been generated but you can continue to use this energy at times you might have previously had to fall back on the grid. 

Reduce your carbon footprint

Your carbon footprint is sized up by how much greenhouse gases your activities produce. For a household with multiple occupants using heat and electricity, the household carbon footprint can be significant. Utilising a solar battery alongside a solar energy system can help to significantly reduce this carbon footprint. 

While the National Grid is increasingly producing energy through renewable sources, it still utilises gas-fired power stations and nuclear power to produce a percentage of the UK’s energy. By reducing your reliance on the grid, you can be confident that any energy you use from your solar energy system is fully renewable. 

Can you sell your excess solar energy? 

The Smart Export Guarantee, introduced in January 2020, allows small-scale generators of low-carbon power, such as solar power, to sell any excess energy to the UK grid. You will be paid for every unit of electricity you sell. Export tariffs like this are a great way for households utilising solar energy to make the most of every bit of power generated, and pocket some extra pounds along the way. 

Learn more about the Smart Export Guarantee and who can benefit from the scheme.

Solar batteries from Warmaway 

Here at Warmaway, we are proponents of introducing more sustainable solutions wherever possible. We provide not only solar energy systems and solar batteries but also ground-source heat pumps and air source heat pumps, offering our clients a diverse range of renewable energy and heating solutions. 
If you are looking to expand your home’s sustainable systems with suitable renewable energy or heating solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our experts can help you decide what systems are right for you all the way through to their installation

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