How effective are Solar Panels in the winter?

Adam Redgwick
Adam Redgwick
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How effective are Solar Panels in the winter?

Short answer – they are still exceptionally effective.

The days are getting darker quicker, the snow is on its way and the rain and clouds have already come…. winter has made its appearance!

With this, what happens to renewable energy sources? Will they still work? How effective are they?

Let’s start off with the basics!

How do they work?

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells allowing for the process of converting light and UV radiation to electricity.

This energy flows through your home’s electrical panel and distributes electricity throughout your home!

The most common misconception is that solar panels work on sunlight, and it is the light that is transformed into electricity.

This is true to an extent however solar energy works on UV radiation which is sourced from daylight.

The Clouds?

Winter days consist of a lot of cloudy days, however, do not worry! Solar energy is not reduced.

Substantial amounts of UV radiation are still able to pass through the clouds. Solar energy is produced through the light spectrum from daylight, and through the wavelengths via UV radiation.

“Cloud-edge effect”

Research shows some cloudy days can produce more solar energy under certain cloud conditions:

When the clouds are high, light is concentrated higher in the sky and so can pass through the clouds easily.

The split second when a cloud moves away or in front of the sun, it produces a high amount of irradiance translating into solar energy.

This produces more solar energy due to the refraction of light creating a concentration of sunlight.

Modern solar panels like our Warmaway’s solar battery storage are more effective in absorbing and transforming the UV rays into electricity.

The best solar panels in Dewsbury and Yorkshire area!

This means the solar panels are still shown to be effective during winter when the clouds reign the skies!

Amount of Sun?

Winter days feeling shorter? It is true – they are!

What does this mean?

There are less hours of sunlight meaning the days get darker earlier.

The energy produced from this is still stored and can be used in the evenings.

The Snow?

There is no doubt that snow will put doubt in the effectiveness of renewable energy through solar panels.

However, sunlight and UV radiation can still pass-through thin layers of snow and snow in general and so are still deemed as effective.

The features of solar panels also help melt the snow. The dark colour and reflective glass allow this.

In worse cases? To ensure better effectivity of the solar panels through the snowy days there is a quick resolution – simply brush off the snow!

The Rain?

The rain helps! Even with the rain solar panels can still produce renewable energy through solar energy.

Solar panels can collect dust…with the rain, this is washed off providing cleaner solar panels enabling effective absorption of daylight and UV radiation increasing renewable energy.

In summary…. Solar panels are still very effective in the winter!

So don’t worry! Your renewable energy will still help you keep the costs low during the winter!

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