How Much Are Solar Panels?

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How Much Are Solar Panels?

1.28 million homes in the UK have made the leap and installed solar panels and that number continues to grow. For many homeowners unsure about investing in solar technology, one of the key things holding them back from joining the solar movement is the cost. 

In this guide, the Warmaway experts break down the cost of solar panels and solar installation in the UK. If you are thinking about setting your house up with solar panels, you can find insight into the acquisition costs, installation costs, as well as other ‘good-to-knows’. 

Before you buy 

To make sense of the cost of solar panels and their installation, you should get familiar with your household and your requirements. Different houses have different needs for solar panels and your budget will also impact your choices. 

For example, a five-bedroom house will likely use more energy than a two-bed house so will need more solar panels. Understanding that the number of panels you require will notably impact your final cost helps you be prepared to fully anticipate the cost of solar panel purchase and installation. 

Other factors to consider that will have an impact on the cost of your solar power system include the efficiency of your equipment. Like with any product, performance will vary from system to system, so it is wise to speak to a professional who can give you the information you need to make an informed decision about the type of equipment that will get you the best value and performance from your investment. We will cover some of the options available to you further on.

Pre-installation maintenance 

Before you install solar panels, you will need to check that your roof is structurally sound and capable of bearing the weight of solar panels. This is a cost that many people interested in solar power overlook and can be a surprise if not previously factored in. 

You might need to have your roof reinforced in order to manage the weight of the solar equipment. However, if you are set on making the great upgrade to solar panels, the cost of reinforcing your roof will be cheaper than the cost of replacing it should it fall in under the weight. 

How much do solar panels cost? 

The most obvious cost to consider is the cost of the panels themselves. In the UK, 350W solar panels usually cost between £150 and £500 each and, for example, a two-bedroom house could need around eight of these panels. This makes the average acquisition cost for a two-bedroom house between £1,200 and £4,000. Comparatively, a five-bedroom house might need as many as 16 solar panels, which could cost between £2,400 and £8,000. 

The type of solar panel you install will also have an impact on the immediate costs, and you will need to consider the cost of the labor to install your chosen system. Additionally, maintenance is another outgoing cost associated with solar power systems that you will need to think about.  

Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline solar panels are made up of PV cells that are a single silicon crystal which are black and rounded. Their composition makes them more efficient at energy conversion than polycrystalline panels, meaning they produce more kilowatt-hours. This can make them a great choice for households with less square footage on which to place solar panels. However, because monocrystalline solar panels are harder to produce, they do cost more. 

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

In polycrystalline solar panels, fragments of silicon crystal are fused; this process is simpler than creating single silicon crystals and because of this polycrystalline solar panels are cheaper to produce and cheaper to purchase. They do, however, have a lower efficiency than monocrystalline panels and can be impacted by high temperatures, making them less productive on the hottest days. 

Depending on your budget, property size, and roof surface area, you might opt for either one of these types of solar panels. Getting the most out of a small area makes monocrystalline a great choice for small homes, while those with smaller budgets might get the best from polycrystalline panels – after all, some renewable energy is better than none!

Cost of solar panel maintenance 

Once you have installed your solar panels, upkeep is important to ensure your panels perform at the best standard. This requires cleaning at a recommended frequency of once every six months and an annual service. While solar panel maintenance isn’t the most costly of outgoings, you must factor it into your financial planning when considering solar panel installation to get an understanding of the true cost.

Solar panel cleaning rates are usually no more than £15 per panel and you can shop around providers to get the best rates. Annual servicing is more expensive at an average of £150. 

Solar installation and guidance from Warmaway

Investing in a solar panel system is no small feat and the planning process can feel intimidating. If you are starting your solar power journey and want the help of a friendly and informed group of experts, Warmaway is here. We offer solar panel installation and can help you with the process every step of the way so you can rest assured that you get the right panels for your property and installed properly. 
Get in touch with our team today, or browse our other renewables including air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps.

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