Resideo Evohome Heating Control System

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Manage your home’s temperature both locally and remotely with the optimised Resideo Evohome Heating Control System.

Around 82% of your home’s energy bills are dedicated to paying for hot water and heating. However with the new and improved Resideo Evohome Heating Control Systems we install at Warmaway, you can maximise comfort and efficiency in your home. Let us help you reduce your energy bills today.

Product Description

Supporting up to 12 zones in your home, the Resideo Evohome Heating Control System is an improved, smart, trustworthy and reliable heating control system. This intelligent, seamless system exceeds in versatility thanks to its new heat pump compatibility with almost every domestic household application including, boilers and district heating as well as pellet burners.

The Resideo Evohome Heating Control System also features advanced load scaling technology which automatically learns and understands each room/zone’s heat capacity making it hyper efficient in improving boiler output control. Alongside this, the system also uses smart weather technology based on outdoor temperature, indoor room temperature and setpoint. With this, the Resideo Evohome Heating Control System uses heat and cool temperature control, maximising comfortability and all controllable from the convenience of your smartphone and tablet devices.

Resideo Evohome Heating Control System Features

This heating control solution offers a wide array of key features including:

  • Varied control options via: locally in the room, centrally on the display, remotely via the app or alternatively, through smart home voice assistants
  • Functionality with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant applications
  • 7 days / 6 periods program for each zone individually
  • Full-colour touch-screen display
  • Smart zoning allowing individual control for up to 12 zones.
  • No décor disturbances with its easy wireless installation
  • Built-in Wi-Fi enabling remote access via smartphone and tablet for convenient connectivity

Control System components:

Evohome’s hydronic heating systems are universally applicable enabling it to adapt to your heating needs through both installation and general usage. With its versatile compatibility with multiple domestic applications, the Resideo Evohome Heating Control System comes with the following components.

Evohome Display:

The Evohome display is essentially the ‘brain’ of the Evohome hydronic heating system. It enables installation of up to 12 zones (rooms/areas). With this, it features:

  • High quality, full-colour wireless touch-screen
  • Simple installation
  • Table-top or wall mount options

Radiator controllers:

Measure and control the temperature in each room wirelessly from the convenience of your smartphone with additional features including:

  • 2-way continuous communication with the Evohome display
  • Easy installation
  • Open window feature that switches off the radiator when the room temperature falls
  • Frost protection settings
  • HR92 or HR91 options available, with/ without local temperature control

Underfloor Heating Controllers:

Control the underfloor heating and cooling for the standard 5 temperature zones individually. You can also extend this to 8 zones with the underfloor controller. This range of heating controllers consist of:

  • 2-way continuous communication with the Evohome display
  • Fit for both heating and cooling.
  • Controls up to 8 zones and 3 thermal actuators per zone
  • Integrated pump control

DTS92 and T87RF Room Thermostat

Wirelessly measure the room temperature and allow easy control point with both the DTS92 and T87RF thermostat. When in combination with underfloor heating, or when multiple radiators are used in one zone, the room thermostats hand you the control. The thermostats feature:

  • Continuous 2-way communication with the Evohome display
  • Free-standing (DTS92)
  • Wall mounted (T87RF)
  • Easy-to-read backlit display

 A Wireless Cylinder Thermostat

Control your hot water via the Evohome Display when paired with the ATF500DHW wireless cylinder thermostat featuring:

  • A continuous 2-way communication with the Evohome display
  • Suitability for vented and unvented hot water cylinders
  • An external wireless cylinder thermostat for the hot water cylinder.

Appliance Control Modules

The R8810A and BDR91T wireless modules enable control of the appliances when there is a heat or cool demand from an individual zone. The wireless modules are also compatible with an extensive range of heat and cool sources such as:

  • On/off boiler or zone valve
  • Modulating OpenTherm boiler
  • Heat pump
  • District heating
  • Pellet burners

Smart Control

Giving you a wide variety of control options, the Resideo Evohome Heating Control System allows you to control via:

  • Locally in the room
  • Centrally on the Evohome Display
  • Remotely through the app
  • Voice assistant (e.g. Alexa speaker)

Resideo Evohome Heating Control System Specification:

See the in-depth product specification of the Evohome hydronic heating control system we install at Warmaway:

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Evohome Connected Thermostat Pack:
1 x Evohome controller, power lead, table stand and Wireless Receiver box


Evohome Essentials Pack: 1 x Evohome Controller and Table Stand; 1 x Wireless Boiler Relay; 6 x HR91 Radiator Controllers



Evohome Hot Water Kit:

Wireless cylinder thermostat, transceiver, vented and unvented cylinder insertion sensor and a Wireless Receiver box for control of the hot water zone valve


The Evohome Radiator Multi-Zone Kit: 4 wireless thermostatic radiator controllers


1 x Radiator Controller


1 x HR91 Radiator controller


4 x HR91 Radiator controller


Wireless Relay


Digital Room Thermostat


Single Zone Room Thermostat


1 x Evohome controller (table stand not included)


OpenTherm Bridge

About Resideo

Protecting time, families, homes, our Earth, and its natural resources, Resideo creates brilliant intuitive technology solutions to simplify the world, and people’s lives. A developers and manufacturers, they create safer and efficient solutions ensuring daily comfort, with sustainable consideration.

How Warmaway can help:

Providing professional installation and servicing, as your expert central heating specialists we supply the Resideo Evohome Heating Control Systems to install in your homes. With the knowledge and skills, we harness, Warmaway are here to put your needs in our best interest to provide you with premium quality service, savings and comfort.

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