The Boiler Upgrade Scheme

As renewable providers, Warmaway takes pride in helping our local customers across Dewsbury and Yorkshire. You can cut your fuel bills and save money as well as reduce your carbon emissions by switching to a renewable energy heating system.


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What is the Boiler Upgrade Scheme?

The boiler upgrade scheme launched in April 2022, with a backing of £450m from the government. The aim is to provide grants of £5-6,000 to homeowners interested in the move towards low-carbon heating sources. By offering this grant, the aim is to reduce the barrier to entry for most households – this ensures that a heat pump installation should be a comparable price to a new boiler.

The scheme will run until April 2025 at which point a new initiative will most likely take its place. To learn more, read our article on the boiler upgrade scheme here.

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Boiler Upgrade Scheme requirements:

To be eligible for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, you must have the following:

Have a domestic dwelling capable of acquiring an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

Install an eligible renewable energy system such as:

Ground Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump

Acquire an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

This will require a local assessor – Find yours here 

– Install loft and cavity wall insulation, if recommended in your EPC (exemptions are possible), and acquire an updated EPC


How does this affect existing RHI customers?

While applications for the Domestic Renewable Heating Incentive closed on the 31st of March, all successful applicants that have already been using the Renewable Heat Incentive will continue to receive funding as usual.

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