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Having worked in the renewable energy industry since 2004, Warmaway is extremely proud of our green legacy. With an established team working on solar panels, heat pumps and solar batteries, we’ve since expanded our offering to include the installation of electric vehicle chargers.

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What is an EV charger?

An electric vehicle charger is a requirement for anyone using an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid for getting around. Whilst it’s possible to rely on public charging points, or even rely on a cable from your 3 pin plug (13amp Socket) to your car – an electric vehicle charger at home offers many additional benefits:


–  Much faster to charge, 6-8 hours instead of 11-15 hours minimum while using the 3 pin plug. 

–  Having a fully charged car every morning means you’ll rarely (if ever) need to charge again during the day

–  Charging your car fully each night might improve the lifespan of your batteries compared to charging them a little regularly

The OZEV EV Chargepoint Grant

Replacing the existing government grant (OZEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme) on the 31st of March 2022, the new scheme is available for homeowners living in flats, or for people living in rented accommodation. Additionally, you must have access to dedicated off-street parking AND unsurprisingly you must be an owner of an electric or plug-in hybrid.


Vehicle Eligibility:

While all fully electric vehicles are eligible for the OZEV grant, not all plug-in hybrids meet the requirements – the criteria being that CO2 emissions must be less than 50g/km.


What Does The Grant Offer?

The scheme offers up to 75% of the cost, or £350 towards the payment and installation of your own home charging point.


To learn more about requirements and eligibility – check out the government guidelines here.

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Installation Process

A quick and streamlined process – EV charger installations should take less than 1 day in almost all settings (usually within 2-3 hours).


Installation Steps:

1 – The placement of the EV charger will likely already have been discussed and agreed upon in advance – but if not this will be ascertained first.

2 – The chargepoint will be attached to the wall by fixing a bracket and ensuring a secure fit.

3 – Your mains power will be temporarily disconnected while your EV charger is connected to your main home power supply.

4 – The unit will be tested and once the technician is satisfied, they’ll run through the correct operating and maintenance steps that you should follow in the future to extend the service-life of your charger.

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