Air Source Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are riding an increasing wave of popularity because of their high efficiency and low running costs. Compared to a gas boiler that can be over 90% efficient, heat pumps can achieve 400% meaning a huge reduction in running costs. Unlike fossil fuel boilers, air source heat pumps can generate hot water and heating 24/7 by compensating for changing weather conditions. Using weather compensation, ASHP’s can also maintain a stable comfort level all year round automatically, whatever the weather.   

The biggest feedback we get from clients who have installed air source heat pumps, is the comfort level and ease of use that they provide. With the installation of our first heat pump in 2003 we are very proud of our status as a leading installer of heat pumps in Yorkshire. 

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The Figures

Operating Temperatures

Effective up to (and beyond) -15C, efficiency drops with temperature

Installation Cost

£4000 – £8000

Life Span

20 – 25 Years

RHI Eligibility

Yes – Up to £1,348/year for 7 years. Our engineers will be able to give you a more accurate quote.


 Can exceed 400% meaning that 1kw of electricity would produce 4kw of heat​


None on-site


Yearly service – can also be monitored remotely

How does an air source heat pump work?

Your air source heat pump will draw in air and pass it over a series of refrigerant filled tubes. This raises the temperature and turns the refrigerant into a gas before sending it on to a compressor. Within the compressor of your heat pump, this is converted back into a liquid which raises the temperature further. This heat is then transferred to water through a heat exchanger which is the final step before the newly heated water circulates throughout your home. 

The only cost you’ll incur once the system is installed is the electricity needed to run the compressor and pump system, but the heat generated is up to 300% more than the electricity used – for each kWh of electricity used, you’ll received up to 4kWh in heat. Some steps in this process might sound overly complicated, yet a similar (but reverse) system has been extracting heat and keeping your fridges cold for decades!

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Your ASHP experts

We take great pride from only using products that we have high confidence in. All of our heat pumps are supplied by Nibe – a Swedish company that has been manufacturing heat pumps for over 50 years. Recognised as one of Europe’s largest heat pump manufacturers, their knowledge and expertise in this specialised market are second to none.


The design engineer from Warmaway will provide a radiator schedule, which will show the heat required, what heat you have got, and what if any changes are needed. We can only give the correct advice following a site survey and a heat loss calculation. This service is provided entirely free of charge, and we provide all the necessary facts and figures.

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